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Make Equity Happen


Here are 10 things YOU can do to create equity and access for all in Marin.

 Hear data and strategies for equity in:
Food Security
Housing & Homelessness
Race & Segregation
Immigration Rights
Community Cohesion for a Safe Marin
Health Equity
Environmental Protection
  1. Learn during keynote presentations.
  2. Ask questions and learn over lunch.
  3. Create Marin's Living Equity Agenda.
  4. Commit to changing personal behaviors and assumptions. We all have biases. Take the Implicit Association Test and understand the lens through which you see the world.
  5. Do no harm. Ensure that your actions do not reinforce disparities. Challenge systemic barriers. Attend events in communities that are new to you.
  6. Host your own fireside chat. Invite friends to your home to discuss and be curious about why inequities exist and what any one of us can do to affect them. Sign up here to learn more.
  7. Encourage service providers to share. By engaging within our professions, we can leverage our engage larger communities around work that is already being done.
  8. Invite a friend.
  9. Show up. Change begins with us.

If you have any questions contact

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